I learned that with a firm but attentive and responsive coach I could get more done than I thought I could.

​--  Sara K.


I enjoyed Nora's coaching style, she is a very personable coach with a wealth of experience.

​-- David C.


Nora provides an excellent space and environment for being coached. If you want a warm, creative and insightful coach who will help you with your own personal shifts, then I highly recommend her. 

​-- Thushyanthan A.

Game Changer

Meeting Nora was a “game changer for me” as I recovered from a MVA . I was building my business and overwhelmed. Nora's soft voice and mellow appearance nearly fooled me. I learned quickly she is "on the ball" and a very gifted professional seasoned coach. Her ability to listen and clarify if the issue is ‘character trait’ or ‘recovery symptom’ was my positive game changer. Additionally the resources she made available sped up my abilities personally and in business, allowing me to recover and develop my business at the same time, to live in harmony and be a success- love it! 

-- Vanessa W. 

Coaches' Coach

Nora is a wonderful coach for any client and an invaluable coaches' coach! If you’d like guidance as a client or further learning as a coach, including prepping for the ICF (International Coach Federation) exam, Nora will get you there! I worked with Nora when studying for this exam and it has been an astounding experience. She’s extremely knowledgeable, encouraging, and constructive. I would highly recommend Nora as a highly skilled coach, an inspiring teacher and a most compassionate mentor.

-- Carol R.  

Patient and Understanding

I had just gotten fired from my job when I found Nora.  To complicate matters, I had recently been diagnosed with ADHD as an adult.  I felt like a complete failure.  I thought I'd never get another job.  I even thought about going on public assistance and giving up my dream of being a teacher.   Nora helped me find a therapist to work with for the ADHD.  She patiently worked with me to help me manage how ADHD affected my home and work life.  After 5 months, I got a new job.  Six months in, and I'm amazed that my co-workers consider me to be successful and competent.  I feel successful.  I never thought I would again.  

-- Mary M.