My Personal Health & Wellness Coaching Journey

The Journey Continued....

That THUNK! I received from the Universe was an awakening.  Not only did Health & Wellness Coaching align with my passions, it spoke to my heart as well.  On the coaching side, it was both the missing piece and the piece that held all other forms of coaching together, at least to me  It has proven to be so.

As I look back, it is as though life had been preparing me to step into this space for a very long time, and that when the time was ready, the invitation was issued, even if it was with a THUNK!.  I know what it's like to struggle with things like weight, living with pain, working to recover from injury, training for sporting competitions, trying to consistently eat healthfully, aging, managing stress, managing time, living with an autoimmune disorder, fitting movement and exercise into a busy schedule, and quitting smoking or other unhealthy habits.  Life has also taught me quite a bit about being a caregiver, and caring for an ailing parent, an Aunt suffering from demential, and a significant other with a neurological disorder.  It's taught me what it's like to live with undiagnosed ADHD, and how to be successful despite the challenges.  It's taught me how to handle depression and Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (one tick away for PTSD) brought on by a high-stress work environment.  

And, I also know how to flourish and thrive despite encountering adversity.  Now, through my Health & Wellness Coaching business, it's time to bring that accumulated (and still growing) body of knowledge, wisdom, and experience to the world in order to touch and change lives and make a difference in the community.